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  • scrolls from April 2016 (mostly blanks)

    Collaboration with Juliana Stafford. I did the illumination and calligraphy (and words?) by Juliana.

  • Scroll illumination for Svana

    2016. Illumination based on Arundel 109 f. 8 (British museum)

  • Fleur scroll for Mairghread Stoibheard inghean ui Choinne

    Fleur scroll for Mairghread Stoibheard inghean ui Choinne.  2016 Illumination by me, calligraphy (and I believe wording) by Master  Jon Blæcstan. Pencil sketch: How it looked after I finished it: It was inspired by these two pages from the hours of anne of brittany The completed scroll with the Calligraphy (and I believe wording) by…

  • Scroll blanks from 2015

    2015 was the year I started trying to do Scribal arts within the SCA. It was a place to start (and I’ve learned a lot since then!). These were my first attempts at scroll blanks. Done on Strathmore paper, with Winsor & Newton Gouache.  At that time I didn’t do calligraphy so I was only…

  • Re-starting…an archive of work

    All things being equal you have to start somewhere. I’ve lost 2 blogs over the last 4 years so this is an attempt to combine at least the basic arts and illuminations that I have done. I’d like to include some class hand outs and general files.

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